Critical Acclaim

“In 1867, Walt Whitman wrote the poem ‘I Hear America Singing,’ an anthem to the spirit of America’s work. Employee engagement wasn’t a term in Whitman’s day, but Hallelujah! is a wonderful, uplifting parable and a natural sequel to the working spirit of which he wrote. Both informative and inspiring, this book is a soaring joy to read. I’ve already started a list of people I want to send this book to!”

♦ Martha Finney, author of The Truth About Getting the Best from People


Hallelujah! is a grand slam home run!This book creatively communicates why strategy only works when people believe in your mission, themselves, and their team. Please consider reading this book if you want to become a better leader, a better worker, or a better person.”

♦ Bill Clark, CEO of Louisville Slugger


“Leading an organization with 110,000 diverse employees consistently challenges me to find new ways to connect with our teammates. In the simplest of terms, Hallelujah! presents a compelling story designed to create purpose in the meaning of one’s job, one’s career, and one’s organization. Connecting the employee to the value of their effort is the key to bringing complex companies forward. Hallelujah! spells this out in a creative, enjoyable, and heartfelt way.”

♦ Benjamin A. Breier, President and CEO of Kindred Healthcare


Hallelujah! reminds us that leadership is ultimately about serving a purpose and serving others. Fyock, Sussman, and Williamson’s parable is delightful and the lessons apply to all of us who aspire to lead others more effectively. This in an engaging read that combines a powerful message with practical advice.”

♦ Kirsten Hawley, Chief Human Resources Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation


“The path to high performance is creating alignment between an individual’s self-interests and a higher calling to your organization’s purpose. This book is  an excellent teaching tool that every leader must understand to define why an individual and team would commit to your vision.”

♦ Jeff Schmid, CEO of Mutual of Omaha Bank


“I don’t delve into the ‘make-your-business-work-better’ genre often, but Hallelujah! weaves its lessons seamlessly into an engaging and moving narrative.It has forced me to re-think the way I interact with my colleagues, my congregants, my co-workers, my clan, and my choir!”

♦ David Lipp, Cantor, Congregation Adath Jeshurun in Louisville


“Amen for a book that’s written with today’s professional in mind. Hallelujah! is filled with real-life elements and practical advice that can be applied in both our personal and professional lives. It’s a must-read for the busy business pro.”

♦ Sharyln Lauby, President of the ITM Group and author of HR Bartender


“Leaders are at their best when their concerns rest with understanding the ‘health of the whole,’ build relationships on deep listening, and co-create the future with those they lead and serve. Hallelujah! teaches us those lessons in a lovely, warm, and inspiring parable. I enjoyed it immensely.”

♦ Dr. Debra Clary, Director of Leadership Development at Humana


Hallelujah! exceptionally communicates a refreshing new type of read for a business book. Share it with your team and leverage your Why!”

♦ David Blumenthal, President and CEO of Lion Brand Yarn Company


“As an economist, I often preach the value of productivity and efficiency. But those are concepts that don’t come to life in the real world if managers haven’t a clue how to create an effective organization. In an amazingly enjoyable way, Hallelujah! shows how it takes only common-sense actions to accomplish that goal and it sets out a purposeful process that you actually want to follow.”

♦ Joel Naroff, Ph.D., award-winning economist, author, and business consultant


“In the restaurant industry, it is well known that if you visit a well-run operation, you will see a great manager with purpose leading the business. The mystery is how to engage all restaurant managers to have purpose. Hallelujah! provides a roadmap for leaders to engage teams through their hearts so that teams understand why the work they do matters and feel appreciated and empowered. The testaments and principles at the end really wrap it up and bring the whole book to life. This is a must-read for all leaders!”

♦ Kathleen Gosser, Ph.D., Director of Learning Excellence for KFC (YUM! Brands)


Hallelujah! is a remarkable and engaging book on workplace transformation. Decades of management research are distilled into a captivating story that recounts how a manager and her workers’ lives are changed by asking one simple question: why? When this question was answered, a slow but sure revolution occurred that changed the day-to-day drudgery of going to work into an experience that became fulfilling, enjoyable, and yes—maybe even fun. Not only is this a story of an energized workplace, but it is a story of the results that followed—productivity that jumped off the spreadsheet. This book is a must-read for anyone who is a leader, regardless of their level in the organization.”

♦ James A. Belohlav, Ph.D., Professor of Management at DePaul University and award-winning writer


“Purposeful Work is emerging as a touchstone for organizational success and leadership. Hallelujah! creates a major breakthrough by laying out the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of making work purposeful. The authors teach readers invaluable lessons in a series of easy-to-read and often heart-warming stories based on a real organization. This is a must-read for all, as we have entered the era of ‘high touch leadership.’”

♦ Wayne P. Jones, Ph.D., Former CEO of Pizza Hut International Franchise Association


“Wonderful! Hallelujah! is entertaining, easy to read, and applicable for everyday use. Readers will definitely find their purpose-oriented truths between the covers of this book.”

♦ Joe Bonura, CSP, author and consultant


“Many parables have been written about leadership and the work environment but nothing as original and as captivating as Hallelujah! An enthusiastic and humble choir director, a realistic analogy to business, heartfelt stories within the story, and mind-stimulating testaments to anchor the principles! All the ingredients for a winning and memorable message. Don’t miss it!”

♦ Elizabeth Jeffries, award-winning speaker and author


“I wish I’d been able to read Hallelujah! years ago! It is readable and accessible to leaders at every stage of development. I will be using this as a reference for my own life and in helping others develop as leaders. The best lessons are often the simplest and the authors have delivered in a delightful way. It is refreshing to hear a business analogy based on making music instead of another macho sports analogy! Thank you!”

♦ Mitzi Pendergrass, Customer Experience Consultant (and CCUM choir member)


“Employee engagement—the key to growth and profitability—comes from employees knowing that their manager and organization cares about them individually. Only then will they truly care about their jobs and the organization. It is always mutual. Managers are the only ones who, by showing that they care, showing that each employee matters and is important, are able to inspire their employees to new heights of performance. “Hands off” doesn’t work as a leadership approach. In Hallelujah!, our heroine gets to experience care and being valued in a non-work context and recognizes its universal value. This parable will motivate even the most cynical managers because they will see themselves in it.”

♦ Nancy S. Ahlrichs, SPHR, author, columnist and consultant


Hallelujah! shines an otherworldly light on a key truth: that people who are fulfilled, supported, and connected to their work are more effective, productive, and happy. It’s so easy to do, but often hard to remember, which is why this book is so inspiring. Hallelujah! is a compelling read that left me with a great sense of clarity, focus, and enthusiasm.”

♦ Whitney Martin, Measurement Strategist and President of ProActive Consulting


“You’ve read all the books that tell you how to ‘talk’ the purposeful life. In Hallelujah!, authors Fyock, Sussman, and Williamson show, with believable characters and a great story, how to ‘walk’ the purposeful life. If you want a deeper and more satisfying life at work and in the world, I prescribe Hallelujah!

♦ David E. Bybee, M.D., Founding Partner of Endocrine and Diabetes Associates


“I enthusiastically share principles to help people connect their profession with their purpose, their career with their calling. In Hallelujah!, the authors bring their principles to life with an insightful, inspirational, and heart-warming story that will resonate with anyone who has ever spent time in the workplace. I encourage you to take time to read and enjoy this poignant book and share it with your team members!”

♦ Dr. K. Shelette Stewart, Associate Director for Business Development, SMU Cox School of Business, Executive Education


“In a fast-paced world of massive competition, performance metrics, and constant accountability, Hallelujah! claims the heart of what we do. Finding purpose delivered through storytelling makes this book a practical tool for leadership training, reflection, and rejuvenation. I plan to use it as a catalyst for further discussion and coaching in a number of leadership venues. Well done!”

♦ Jeri Swinton, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana


Hallelujah! should be a required read for leaders at any level of an organization, whether in non-profit or for-profit organizations. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who depend on a valued team to make or break their start-up to growth and beyond!”

♦ Dr. Dianne Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, UNC at Greensboro


Hallelujah! is a book that puts life experience to work for leadership lessons. It is the best way to learn and grow as a leader, and best of all, it is beyond painless—it is entertaining! You will love it and your team will love you for it!”

♦ Lin Schussler-Williams, IndieSalesCoach and author of 9 Little Words to Change Your Results


Stories and statistics abound about the heightened levels of disengagement within our organizations. Our work lives are increasingly stressful and our work environments ‘pulling apart’ when we all yearn for ‘pulling together.’ Hallelujah! is an uplifting business fable that can shift your attitude as you read. The authors reframe what we know to be true about good work and great working relationships in a way that is fresh and memorable. I will want to keep this book on my desk to remind me of what is important and I will want to give it to my clients to renew the most important conversations about work.”

♦ Leslie Yerkes, President of Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc. and best-selling author of Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work


Hallelujah! gives you great lessons in leadership and business through a parable that is fun and easy to read. Working with owners and CEOs of home care companies across the US and Canada every day, I see many opportunities to apply these principles. This book is sure to bring you new insights into how to be a more effective leader in business and in life.”

♦ Stephen Tweed, CSP, CEO of Leading Home Care


“Numerous surveys in the last ten years show that followers are desperately seeking authentic leaders. During her journey in the book, Susan learns and applies a great deal about authentic professional and personal relationships. This is an uplifting story well told with lessons aplenty!

♦ Michael R. Smith, President, Smith Human Capital Solutions